How to play?  You use arrow keys for navigation and M for shooting. for more control keys visit the game menu.
 How to install the game?  You don’t, it is a flash-based game, meaning that you can play it directly from the browser.
 Does it have multiplayer?  Yes, three players can play at the same time.
 Does it have a single player?  Yes, you play against AI named Laika.
 Is it a remake of the classic Tanks game from the Dendi console?  It looks like a remake, but it is a different game actually.
 Are there different maps?  Yes, there are many different maps in the game, they are all unique.
 Are there upgrades?  No, but there are power-ups in the game which you can pick-up and use.
 Is the game free?  It is free to play and you can enjoy it on our blog 24×7.
 Do you know about other similar games?  I know one game, it is called Awesome Tanks. This game is amazing.
 Where can I learn more about Tank Trouble?  Just scroll and navigate through our blog, we have tons of different pages.

I guess that is all for now, I will add more FAQ from time to time, make sure that you read all answers before posting your questions, duplicate questions will be deleted!