Cubefield Unblocked

When it comes to maze games, my favorite one is the unblocked version of Cubefield. I enjoy every single aspect of this game, starting from the design of the map and ending with the scoring system.

Like in other similar games your progress is calculated with scores, the further you will manage to go through the maze the more points you will collect. As you go through the maze, slowly, the speed of traveling is being increased. With the increasing speed of travel, it is harder to maneuver and that is exactly where the challenge of the game lies.

So your main objective is to avoid incoming obstacles by maneuvering in different directions, it may sound easy, but like I have said before speed makes the game super hard and challenging.

This game is a perfect option to test your reaction, if you are a decent gamer you will manage to reach high scores, if not, you will fail. You may also use Cubefield as a training platform, if you will perform well here, most likely you will improve your gaming skills in other games as well.

Fast reaction is very useful in online gaming; if you have it you will defeat your opponents easily.

So it is time for you to start your challenge, go through this endless maze, and collect as many points as it is possible.

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