Bloons TD 5 – free TD game with paid items

So guys quick post regarding Bloons TD 5. Now you all know that this tower defense game is the latest version of the BTD game series from Ninja Kiwi, what you may not know is that the fifth version of the game is receiving updates regularly.

They add new towers, new maps, and new tools very often which can make your game ten times more interesting, you can also buy couples of interesting buffs, such as super-powerful monkey towers, super-powerful power-up, and things like that. This game gets new updates almost as fast as Electric Man, so it is really awesome.

Except for basic maps, there are paid levels as well, in order to get them you will have to pay real money, but to be honest, it is really worth paying because it contains so many interesting stuff and strategies that you won’t get bored for a very long time.

Few words about the strategy of the game: some towers are more beneficial in specific map areas, try different towers in different spots; the same tower can give you different results if you will place it in the right position. The game also allows you to get upgrades on towers; some towers can be upgraded five times! The final form of the tower can cost you a lot of money, but it has super attacking power and it can pop hundreds of balloons in a couple of seconds. You can also place spikes on the road, when balloons will walk over them they will pop, this tool is good when you want to defend a spot which is weak in terms of towers, usually, people use spikes in the early stage of the game. You can find more details on the following YouTube video which I have added below.

BTD 5 is one of the best tower defense games which you can play at the moment, it is free, but it also allows you to buy different stuff if you want to. Like I have said before there are many different maps within the game and each level requires its own unique approach/strategy.

Well, guys have fun and enjoy this game, oh yes and you can play it online on the official site.

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