Hello my dear visitor, how are you? I want to to present you my blog, blog which is dedicated to the free online game – Tank Trouble.

There are various versions of this game at the moment, some versions have different maps, some versions have different modes, others have specific power-ups, and so on. What I am trying to say is that it is a bad idea to switch all previous versions of the game and jump to the last release straight forward. In fact, I would encourage you to try all versions of the game one by one, explore features, options, etc.

Since the flash player will be disabled in the near future, the developers of the game decided to release a new HTML5 version of the game, it runs smoothly and looks dope, I would really recommend you to give it a try.

I got a little bit carried away by the game description, we don’t need it here, we want to talk about us and you, about the blog and future plans so let’s focus on that, shall we?

Okay, this blog is all about Tank Trouble, about all versions of the game, about controls, video guides, etc. The game comes in various modes but the main difference is the possibility to either play with friends in multiplayer mode or to play against bots in single-player mode.

The main idea behind my blog is the possibility to learn more about the game, to find all versions of the game, and to improve your gaming skills. I know that you already know a lot about this game, but trust me there is more to it and we will talk about it here.

This game might remind you of an old classic tank game called Tanks. It was very popular in the past when we had consoles like Dendi, Terminator, etc. These consoles had various games, including Tanks. I still remember how I and my nephew used to play it all day long together on our consoles.

The game is really entertaining and it has a huge fan base all around the world, people love to share memes related to it, some guides, instructions, and even videos on YouTube. We collect information peace by peace and provide it to you via this blog. We really put a lot of effort and we hope you will enjoy our work.

With that being said I want to add one more detail, we plan to add a forum to our blog and since we don’t have that much experience in web-programming, we would love to ask you for help. Please send us your suggestions, we would really appreciate it.

Okay enough talking, time for some action, visit the front page of our blog and enjoy the game for free.